Assembly and Test Automation Systems from China

Top Supplier Analysis China is a unique Procurement Tool to provide in-depth information about manufacturers of turnkey assembly or turnkey test automation systems including SMD component assembly in China.

If you are an industrial company that assembles and tests products in series production in industries such as automotive, consumer, electric, medical, new energy, then this procurement tool should be your choice.

It is the result of extensive research work, data collection, analysis, on-site visits, as well as the assessment of the technical and quality capability.

The long list includes more than 80 manufacturers, of which 58 companies were visited on site once or more times. Buy Now


Assembly Automation Systems China

top supplier analysis China
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At a Glance

> The Long List comprises more than 80 company profiles
> 58 suppliers were visited on site
> Assessment of the technical and quality capability by industry experts with extensive audit experience
> Regions in Focus: Tianjin, Shanghai, Pearl River, South East, Central
> Expenditure in man-days about 280

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The Top Supplier Analysis provide key information for professionals:
+ Executive Summary
+ Company Profiles e.g. core competences, realized projects, customers…
+ Key Figures e.g. machinery, design tools, pm tools, ERP, certificates..
+ Evaluation e.g. project management, sourcing, production…
+ Assessment of Quality Capability
+ Assessment of Technical Capability
+ Scope of Equipment Production


Manufacturers of turnkey assembly systems with process integration:
Technologies for integration: e.g. welding, soldering, gluing, testing
System integration: e.g. joining, handling, linking and feeding technology, robot assembly systems
Product segments that are manufactured on these systems: Mechanical, mechatronic, plastic components, electronic control units (ECU), assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB) for industries like automotive, consumer, electric, new energy, and medical
Classification of Customized Systems
AAS: Automated Assembly Systems like complex and linked Robot Cells, Roundtables, Power and Free Conveyor Systems, Cam driven Motion Machines

SAAS: Semi- Automated Assembly Lines like Lean Cell Systems (Chaku – Chaku Lines), Roundtables, Robot Cells (stand alone), Semi-Automatic Carrier Solutions

MAS: Manual Assembly Systems like Stations, Fixtures, Jigs, Test and Checking Fixtures

How You Benefit

For companies planning sourcing of turnkey assembly & test automation systems from China or already doing initial research, the process will be accelerated by two to three years. The company’s own resources will be saved by some 280 man-days plus travel expenses.
For those that already source from manufacturers in China, the analysis provides supplier sources that may be considered in future projects.

Top Supplier Analysis China

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