This year’s conference will focus on the following topics:


E-Mobility in China: the global context

– Key drivers of market growth: China, from government push to consumer pull
– Regulatory mechanisms and challenges for European players
– Emerging e-mobility players and business models
– Forward-looking implications for the European industry
– Automobile Manufacturer and tier one supplier market and sourcing strategies

Developments in e-powertrain technology

– The future of integrated e-powertrain designs (motor, axle and power electronics)
– The R&D landscape and current developments in China
– China as a driver of industry standards
– New models of cooperation between OEMs and tier suppliers
– Trends in the transformation of the tier supplier landscape in China and Europe

Battery and alternative power sources

– China and North Asia as a key hub for EV battery cells – the current and future landscape
– Battery technology trends: Li-ion vs. fuel cells, solid state and supercapacitators)
– Strategic battery supply chain (OEM/external)
– European strategies to close the gap in cell and module production

Grid infrastructure and value-added systems

– Key developments in the charging infrastructure and stakeholders
– Alternative charging concepts and business models
– Innovative Chinese business models that European players can learn from

NextGen interiors

– New trends in interior design, comfort and functionality
– Successful implementation of tech features in EV cars
– Luxury interiors: a new trigger for gaining market share?
– Different interior preferences in China and Europe?

‘SmartCar’ designs

– The unique start-up landscape and key stakeholders in China: key trends, IoT, AI, blockchain
– Autonomous driving: the legal and R&D framework required to reach the ultimate breakthrough
– The ‘SmartCar’ opportunity for tech-savvy end customers
– Software and big data solutions as a new business model?
– Innovative services for customer centricity? What will drive the future?